iPhone 11 Versus iPhone 12: Which Should I Buy?

Iphone 11 Versus Iphone 12 - Today's technology is developing rapidly such as smartphone technologies. Everyone is familiar with the word smartphone which always updates its features. Nowadays, smartphones have become a necessity in our lives as manufacturers are trying to create better specifications and details. One of the leading brands in the iPhone. If we got two choices, iPhone 11 versus iPhone 12, which is better? 

Iphone 11 Versus Iphone 12
Iphone 11 Versus Iphone 12

As technology develops, smartphones always have the latest features and have an attractive and unique body. One of the interesting features is the fingerprint, this feature serves to find out our identity through fingerprints. After that, face unlocks technology comes, it works is almost the same as a fingerprint but uses facial recognition. Which one has and adapts those development and qualities? 

The Highlighted Changes in iPhone 11 Versus iPhone 12

Smartphones are among the most rapidly changing and developing electronic goods. We just purchased a type of smartphone, and a few moments later a superior type appeared. This sometimes attracts our attention to buy this type by looking at the advantages offered. The iPhone 12 has a breakthrough compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 11. So, what are the significant detail and benefit of the iPhone 12?

Usually, before buying a new cellphone, we will first find out what features are on the smartphone that we are going to buy. This is also included in the price of the new smartphone. Each series generally always has an increase from the previous type. 

Well, in the case of the iPhone 11 versus the iPhone 12, you need to be observant to see which one suits your needs. Fortunately, there are now many sites and media that provide information that is very useful in helping to decide between the two options or even a newer one such as the iPhone 13.

In general, newer versions always offer improvements or enhancements from previous versions. In this case, iPhone 12 is a newer version with new improvements and features than iPhone 11. 

  1. One of the things that are different about the iPhone 12 is that it is available on 4 models compared to the previous version which only had 3 models. 
  2. For connectivity, iPhone 12 is supported by 5G connectivity, while what looks different on the iPhone 12 is the type of screen that uses OLED, a type that is better than the LCD that is commonly used in other types of smartphones.
  3. iPhone 12 users will have a better experience when using this smartphone because it uses durable ceramics shield display. The chip used is A14 Bionic which has been proven to be faster in processing. iPhone 11 versus iPhone 12, especially if you buy the pro version, users will get a powerful LiDAR sensor specification. 

With specifications like this, how about the price? Don't worry, the price is still affordable even with such sophisticated specifications. But if you are on a tight budget, we recommend choosing the older type. A newer version is created, and the iPhone 11 version will experience a price decrease. However, the iPhone 11 versus iPhone 12 both have almost similar specifications. 

A More Detailed Discussion of Those Specifications (iPhone 11 Versus iPhone 12)

We know that Apple releases a newer version of the iPhone, but there are still many people who are curious about the performance of the iPhone 11 or iPhone 12. Because it could be that these two types have similarities in the items and features in them, users are competing to find a lower price but with the same even better specifications. Here are several highlights that you can consider before buying.

  1. The price of the iPhone 12 is higher than the iPhone 11. You can check regularly since it may change time by time and based on your location. 
  2. Both these types use 6.1 inches displays with different dimensions. 
  3. They come in different color series. iPhone 12 has black, white, red, green, blue, and purple choices while the previous version is available in black, green, yellow, purple-red, and white.
  4. As it goes with the higher price, surely it is related to the CPU employing where iPhone 12 gets the A14 bionic while iPhone 11 uses the A13 Bionic processor. 
  5. If we need more storage in devices, iPhone 12 has 256 GB beside the 64 and 128 GB versions. iPhone 11 only comes in 64 and 128 GB storage.
  6. If you are an iPhone 11 user, your rear and front cameras have the same specification as the newer version of the iPhone.
  7. iPhone 12 has a longer battery life than the iPhone 11. This is related to the connectivity they use.
  8. Although iPhone 12 has more upgrade specifications, however, it is lighter than iPhone 11. 

Since now it is easy to get the information on the specification, features, and all detail you can be better get references before purchasing the types of smartphones. However, some tips written are only the description helping you decide the choice, check your list of needs and the budget provided.

Final Stage: Recommendation for Buying

If you want to get the upgraded in more ways of iPhone, certainly iPhone 12 is the answer. With OLED type of display, it will give you better experiences when you employ your smartphone. The display is special for the regular type of iPhone. 

Newer design and one-step lighter design is the reason for us to get this product. How is about the camera? Yep, you should not worry about the result and quality of the images. Sure, a better A14 bionic processor would help you better in phone performance.

Although not all countries support 5G connectivity speeds, it's not a bad idea to update your smartphone by choosing the iPhone 12. While the iPhone 11 still sticks with LTE connectivity. In the future, of course, this connectivity will be more stable and comprehensive. If you have enough budget to buy or update your iPhone 11, then the iPhone 12 is the right choice because its connectivity will still be relevant for some time to come in addition to the design offered which is also attractive.

In conclusion, when you face the choice of iPhone 11 versus iPhone 12, it all depends on your needs. Even though the iPhone 12 supports the use of 5G connectivity, this is not the only reason you should buy or upgrade your old smartphone. Because this connectivity is still quite limited, adjust it according to where you live. LTE connectivity has the fastest performance in some areas.

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