How to Set iPhone Youtube Play Background in Three Tricks

iPhone Youtube Play Background - You can set the iPhone Youtube play background on your iPhone. Playing Youtube while doing some other tasks on your iPhone is possible to do. Today most people like to search all video tutorials on Youtube. Youtube becomes the most essential place to get an update on all things in the world. For those of you who want to play Youtube in the background of your iPhone, you can do three tricks below. Hopefully, one of the three tricks below will help you to get YouTube in the background on your iPhone.

iPhone Youtube Play Background
iPhone Youtube Play Background

Update Your Youtube Premium

The first trick to do is by using YouTube Premium. You need to update your standard YouTube to YouTube Premium. It is a paid streaming service that will make it easy to watch YouTube videos without disturbing ads. You can download the videos to watch without an internet connection. You can also play YouTube in the background of your iPhone. How to use YouTube Premium and then set the iPhone Youtube play background?

  1. You need to update the YouTube premium page
  2. You can click the “Try it Free” button on the YouTube page
  3. You need to follow the instructions that you see on the screen and then enter the payment information. You should not forget to fill in the zip code. Usually, YouTube will offer you a one-month free trial and you can choose to use this free trial.
  4. You can launch YouTube on your iPhone
  5. You need to find the video that you want
  6. When the video plays, you can directly close the YouTube app
  7. You will be able to watch the video even if you lock your iPhone.

Activate Request Desktop Website Option

The second trick that you can do is by enabling the request desktop website option. Here is a simple tutorial to enable the desktop website.

  1. You need to open Safari and then go to the YouTube website
  2. You can choose videos that you want to play on your iPhone
  3. You can click to play the video
  4. You need to tap the double-A icon that you can find in the top left corner of your iPhone screen
  5. You can click Request Desktop Website
  6. After that, you will see a new video player on your iPhone screen, and then you must tap the video again to play it. 
  7. You can close the app and the video will stop playing. You need to go to the iPhone's control center and then click the Play button again to play your YouTube video in the background.

Use Application

The third trick to do when you like to play Youtube videos in the background of your iPhone is by using a third-party application. You can use an app such as iPlay Tube to help you play videos in the background on your iPhone. There are some other apps that you can choose and find in the App Store. When you find the app, you need to install it on your iPhone. You need to launch the app. 

On iPhone, you can also use an app that can play YouTube in the background, such as iPlay Tube. This app may be found in the App Store app.

To access the app's interface, launch it after installing it on your iPhone. Tap the search icon on the app's UI to locate the YouTube video that will be played in the background. Then begin watching the video and return to the main menu. The YouTube video should continue to play. If it stops, go to the Control Center and hit the play button to resume playing the audio from the YouTube video.

When the most popular video streaming network, YouTube, stops operating for you, things can come to a screeching end. It could be caused by a YouTube outage in your area, network troubles on your end, low free space on your iPhone, bugs in the official YouTube app, or a YouTube outage in your area. If YouTube isn't working on your iPhone or iPad for any reason, here are several possible fixes. You can resume watching your favorite music, tech, or pet videos once YouTube is operational again.

Verify that your iPhone is linked to the internet.

When YouTube isn't working on your device, the first thing to check is your internet connection. To do so, launch Safari and go to a website. That's fantastic if it loads. If not, follow this procedure to resolve your iPhone's Wi-Fi difficulties. Second, make sure you have enough data allowance for the day or month if you're using cellular data or metered Wi-Fi.

Open iPhone Settings and hit Cellular to make sure cellular data for YouTube is turned on. Scroll down and check that the toggle next to YouTube is turned on.

Airplane Mode can be enabled and disabled.

When you turn on Airplane Mode on your iPhone, it turns off all radio connections, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cellular. This will resolve network issues and restore YouTube functionality.

By touching the plane icon in the iOS Control Center, you can enable or disable Airplane Mode. You need to check Settings and click Airplane Mode. Tap the same switch again after 15 seconds to turn it off.

Play the YouTube video again.

The video may become stuck on the loading or buffering screen and refuse to play. To fix this, simply close the video and reopen it.

Force the YouTube app to close and then reopen it.

You swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone screen and then please hold. Press the front Home button quickly on other iPhone models. Drag the YouTube card to the top to force it to close. Reopen YouTube after 15 seconds, and it should work.

Restart your iPhone as well as your wireless router.

When YouTube or other apps don't operate properly or crash, rebooting the iPhone is a simple solution. You can restart your iPhone by turning off the iPhone.

Now, you know how to set the iPhone youtube play background and fix the YouTube’s problems on your iPhone.

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