How to Fix Apps Keep Crashing on iPhone with Simple Instructions

Apps Keep Crashing on iPhone - You may find apps keep crashing on iPhone. There are some reasons why some apps on your iPhone crash, and there are some symptoms that you may find as sluggishness, random restarts, and also unresponsive screens. If you also have the same problem, you don’t need to worry because you can get information related to the reason and solution for your problem. 

Apps Keep Crashing on iPhone
Apps Keep Crashing on iPhone

Common Reasons Apps Keep Crashing

You who experience iPhone apps crashing need to consider some possible reasons below.

  1. Your iPhone is running low because of a storage space problem
  2. Your iPhone has hardware issues
  3. You are inputting the wrong code
  4. There is no expected input on your iPhone

When you also experience the same reasons on your iPhone, you better continue to search for the solution below.

Solutions for Apps Crashing on iPhone

Since you experience apps keep crashing on iPhone, you may find the problem, and you need to get the solution. You can choose to solve your problem by yourself or use professional help. Before you bring your iPhone to another place, you better do some simple checks here.

You need to check your iPhone memory storage

The most common problem with the iPhone is that it is full of memory storage. How to check your storage space in your iPhone? You can check the storage space by going to the Setting. You can choose General and then continue to choose iPhone Storage. You can check the availability of the storage on your iPhone. If you find that the memory storage is less than 1GB, you need to free up some storage spaces to make your iPhone work in a maximum way.

You need to close the App

The second solution to solve app crashing is by closing your app. There are so many apps that may open at the same time, and it will make your iPhone’s performance bad. For you who want to close the app on your iPhone, you better check the instructions below. You can choose instructions that are suitable for the version of your iPhone.

For those of you who use iPhone X, you can do some steps here

  1. Swipe the screen on your Home screen and the pause in the middle of the screen
  2. You need to swipe through the screen to the left or right side to find the app.
  3. When you see the app’s preview on the screen, you can start to swipe up to close the app.

For you who use iPhone SE, 8, or another version, you can do the instructions below

  1. Double click on the Home screen to see the recently used apps
  2. You can swipe toward the left and the right to get the app that you want to close
  3. You can swipe up the App to close your app.

You can clear the background apps

For those of you who experience app crashing on the iPhone, you can solve it by clearing all background apps. How to clear all apps running in the background of your iPhone? You can do simple steps to clear all background apps on your iPhone below.

  1. You need to open your Home Screen.
  2. You can swipe the screen and then pause in the middle.
  3. You can continue to swipe until you see the app previews. Then you can swipe on the previews to close apps that you want.

You can do Soft Reset

The next solution that you can do to fix the app crashing is by doing a soft reset. To start a soft reset, you can follow some steps.

  1. You can press the long for the power button 
  2. You can turn on your iPhone by dragging the slider.
  3. You need to wait for a while and then continue to press the power button until you see your Apple iPhone logo.
  4. If you use the iPhone version with no Home Button, you can do some steps here.
  5. You can hold the top button or you can also use the volume button until you find the slider for power.
  6. You can drag the slider to turn off your mobile device
  7. You need to wait a few seconds and start to press the top button to turn on your iPhone again.

Check for Update in Your iPhone

Do you know that pending updates will cause your iPhone app to keep crashing? You need to check all updates regularly by going to the App store and then continue to click on your profile. You need to scroll downwards and then check for all updates on your iPhone. If you find updates, then you need to download and then install them.

You can delete the app and then start to download it again

If you have to restart your iPhone to solve your app crashing problem but you don’t solve your problem, you need to do the next option. What you need to do is to delete your app and then start to download again. You can start to uninstall your app and then install it again by doing some ways here.

  1. You go to your Home screen.
  2. You can hold the app icon until it starts to wiggle.
  3. You can start deleting the app.
  4. You can confirm the prompt by clicking the app and deleting the app. 

The solutions above are simple and you can do them by yourself without professional help but they are not guaranteed to solve your issues. You may combine some steps above and use a professional repair tool to solve the app crashing on the iPhone problem. You use a professional repair tool to repair multiple problems on your iPhone. How to use this tool? You can use this tool when you download the repair tool first on the official site. The last way to solve your problem when you have already done all the steps above but you still find the problem in your iPhone is by erasing your iPhone and then restoring iOS in iTunes. This way is the last option to do and you better consult with an expert first before you do the option to repair apps keep crashing on iPhone.

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