How to Block Contacts iPhone in 6 Easy Steps

How to Block Contacts iPhone - Getting a call from unwanted contacts on iPhone can be very annoying. The best solution is to block the numbers from your device. In the old days, blocking an unwanted contact on your iPhone often involved a complicated process, and jailbreaking often occurred as well. Fortunately, things changed in 2013 when iOS 7 was introduced to iPhone users. The operating system comes with a more user-friendly feature to help you block specific callers. Here is everything you need to know about how to block contacts iPhone in simple and easy steps.

How to Block Contacts iPhone
How to Block Contacts iPhone

iOS on iPhone

Blocking unwanted contacts on iPhone is easy to do, thanks to the operating system used in the device. Started by iOS 7 in 2013, iPhone users can enjoy the number-blocking feature to easily avoid unwanted calls. Interestingly, the blocking can still be done even if the callers hide their IDs or numbers.

These blocking number things are more fun for iPhone users when iOS 13 was launched back in 2019. In this operating system, the blocked list’s scope is expanded. Not only blocking numbers, the feature added to iOS 13 allows you to block email addresses as well. Furthermore, you will also find it easier to get nuisance calls. This is possible to happen due to a new special feature called the Silence Unknown Callers.

Blocking Specific Numbers on iPhones

So, how to block contacts iPhone easily and fast? Well, just do the following steps.

Go to the Home Screen

Blocking unwanted calls on iPhone needs you to go to the home screen of your device. After that, make sure that you tap the iPhone icon to start the blocking process. From here you can find out the lists of phone numbers that recently called you. 

Click on the “Recents” Tab

Just go to the bottom of your iPhone screen. Here, you will find a list that has been sorted. In this way, you can see the most recent calls on top of the list. That will make it easier for you to identify which number annoys you the most.

Tap the “i” Icon

Once you found the phone number that you want to block, you can continue the process by going to its right side. Here, you will find the “i” icon that you need to tap on next. There will be more information about this specific number from this icon. Not only that but there will be options on what you can do about this phone number.

Tap Block this Caller

For the next step, you need to scroll down your iPhone screen to find the “Block this Caller” tab. Once you click on the tab, there will be a pop-up shown along with a note that you will not get phone calls and messages from this phone number. The note also contains information that you will not receive FaceTime requests from this particular caller.

Confirm Your Decision

Once you have completed the steps above, you need to confirm your decision to block the phone number. Then, there will be no more calls, FaceTime, or texts you will get from this blocked number.

Tap Block Contact

What if you unexpectedly change your mind and suddenly want to reconnect with this “annoying” caller? Well, all you need to do is just tap the “Cancel” icon. This will make it possible for you to unblock the phone number. You only need to follow the same steps as mentioned above. However, keep in mind that instead of selecting to tap on “Block this Caller”, you need to choose “Unblock this Caller”. 

Blocking Contacts when Caller IDs are Hidden

There is nothing more annoying than receiving constant calls from hidden IDs. If this is your case, you might also want to block this unwanted number. So, how to block contacts iPhone with hidden caller IDs? Well, you can do it simply by going to your iPhone’s settings. As an alternative, you can access a country-specific code available on a call-by-call basis.

However, you need to keep in mind that iPhone doesn’t know who is calling you when the caller ID doesn’t pop up on your screen device. In this way, you can’t instantly block the phone number. Even if iPhone indicates that the call has been withheld, the caller is still unknown due to the absence of the caller ID.

To solve this problem, Apple provides iPhone users with the option of silencing these unknown phone numbers. This feature is available in iOS 13. As long as you have this feature on your iPhone, you won’t be bothered with unknown callers anymore, much for your relief. 

How to Use the Silence Unknown Callers Feature to Block Contacts on iPhones

Speaking about how to block contacts iPhone by using Silence Unknown Callers Feature, there will be a few steps you can do.

  1. When blocking the unknown number, you need to start it by opening the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  2. Then, make sure that you scroll down the screen and continue it by tapping on Phone.
  3. Last but not least, you need to tap on the switch. This tool can be easily found next to the Silence Unknown Caller tab.

When using the Silence Unknown Callers feature, any call from unfamiliar numbers will be silenced instantly. Then, these unknown calls will be sent to voicemail. In this way, you will not hear your device ring when these numbers are calling. However, you can still find these unknown numbers easily since they are displayed on the “Recent” list as well. This is how you will notice that there is a missed call from these unwanted numbers. If these people with unknown IDs try to leave you a message, it will also appear in your voicemail.

The silence Unknown Callers feature will also make it possible for you to get calls from people you have called recently. Not only that but you can also still receive calls from those whose numbers or names appear in Siri Suggestions. They might be people that you have contacted previously by email.

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