Don’t Panic! Do This Way If Your iPhone Stuck on Screen with Apple Logo

iPhone Stuck on Screen with Apple - Getting an iPhone stuck on screen with Apple logo is no fun. Appropriate steps need to be taken to overcome it so as not to aggravate the damage. It's very surprising if you are updating your iPhone, but the screen only appears with the Apple logo and cannot continue. If it's been more than an hour, something went wrong. Let's look at what to do and what not to do if you find yourself in this situation.

iPhone stuck on screen with Apple
iPhone stuck on screen with Apple

Why is your iPhone stuck on screen with apple logo?

Have you ever got your iPhone screen stuck with the Apple logo? This condition is named boot loop. This is a term used to describe an iPhone that is stuck on screen with the Apple logo. This term is used because the stuck Apple logo cannot continue the boot process. To avoid exacerbating the problem, adequate actions must be made to address it.

Unwanted things happen due to several things, such as the update process, data transfer, and software damage. One of the possible causes of a boot loop is a jailbreak on the iPhone that causes software crashes. Another thing that causes damage is hardware damage, and if this happens, you have to replace it.

How to solve it?

Follow these steps if you have an iPhone with iOS 13 or later and try to back up your device, but suddenly your screen is stuck with the Apple logo. Do these steps if the Apple logo has not changed within an hour and is still stuck on the screen.

Force restart

Each type of iPhone has a different way to force reset. Here's how to do a hard reset based on the iPhone's type.

iPhone 6s and earlier

Hold down the Home buttons simultaneously as the wake/sleep button. Hold the Home button down until you get the recovery mode screen.

iPhone 7 and 7 plus

Hold down the Volume Down simultaneously as Sleep/Wake buttons. Continue to hold the Volume Down button until you get the recovery mode screen.

iPhone 8 and higher

Hold down the Volume Up button for a few seconds before releasing it. Press and hold the Volume Down button for a few seconds. Hold down the Side button. Continue to keep the Side button down until you get the recovery mode screen.

Use iTunes

If you have done a force reset but there is no change in your iPhone screen, the next step is to try restoring the iPhone using iTunes in a Mac PC. Follow this steps to restore your iPhone.

  1. Boot up your PC/Mac, run iTunes, and connect your iPhone with the logo stuck issue to it.
  2. Turn off your phone and connect it to your device. Now, use the identical procedure described above (force-restart) until you get the "Connect to iTunes" prompt.
  3. iTunes will display "Device in recovery mode has been identified," after which you may restore it by selecting "Restore."

Use System Repair Software

If you haven't been able to remedy the my iPhone stays on the Apple logo' problem, it may be worth checking into third-party apps to see if it may help you. One of the software that provides repairing system tools is Tenorshare ReiBoot that may help you solve various difficulties on your iOS devices.

Tenorshare ReiBoot is a free app that may be used to fix and diagnose issues with the iPhone operating system. You may use this app to repair a stuck iPhone screen. Follow the instructions below to learn how to use this app to fix a sluggish iPhone screen.

  1. Get and install the Apps on your PC/Mac
  2. Plug in USB lightning cable to your PC/Mac
  3. You iPhone is detected
  4. Choose the “Repair Operating System” button.
  5. Select “start repair” button
  6. After you've downloaded the most recent firmware package, select "Start Repair."

Contact Apple Support Center

If none of the above approaches are successful in fixing your iPhone screen stuck at the black or white Apple logo, the best thing you can do is call Apple help. These individuals will be able to assist you in repairing your iPhone in a more equitable way. You may email or phone them for advice on how to fix your iPhone, or you can go to their local service center.

Don’t do if your phone get stuck on screen with apple logo

When we are confused, sometimes we do something wrong. Therefore, don't panic when you face a stuck iPhone screen and avoid doing things that make it more damaged. The following things are forbidden to do the following things when your iPhone is stuck on screen with the Apple logo.

Use iTunes

If you don't have backup files, don't use iTunes Restore. The restoration from iTunes is a smart way for restoring your iPhone, but it will erase all the data on your iPhone. Thus don’t use iTunes restore to fix your problem when you have not backed it up yet.

DFU (Device Firmware Update) Mode is forbidden

Many people would advise you to use DFU (Device Firmware Update)  mode to resolve the stuck on iPhone logo screen issue. Despite the fact that this solution is not recommended since it can ruin your iPhone and make it inoperable. Apple never encouraged adopting DFU (Device Firmware Update)  mode.

Unqualified repair store is forbidden

Repairing an iPhone stuck on screen with your logo or an unqualified repair store is dangerous. Instead of getting better, your iPhone might get worse and totally damaged. Go to the Official iPhone service center to fix your problem so that your iPhone can be used again.

That's what you should do if your iPhone stuck on screen with Apple logo. When you acquire it, do the proper thing and don't do anything that will harm your iPhone. If it doesn't work, call the Apple support center straight away to receive the help you need. Treat your iPhone carefully to have a lasting iPhone.

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