Beginner Guide on How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 12

How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 12 - iPhone 12 is said to be one of the best releases by Apple. It has everything that a top-quality mobile phone has. Super fast and advanced processor, high memory and storage, beautiful design, and of course, many features that let you enjoy the best mobile experience. Interestingly, many users still don’t know how to take screenshot on iphone 12 even though it has so many features. 

That is indeed embarrassing. As iPhone users, you will have a lot of problems when you need to take a screenshot on this device. So, to help you remove the status as non-iPhone-savvy, here we have the simple guides and tips on how to take screenshot on iphone 12. We hope that after you read this article, you can show off to your friends and family the screenshot photo you took with your iPhone 12. Let’s start!

How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 12
How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 12

Using Buttons to Take A Screenshot

The easiest method to take a screenshot on iPhone 12 is by using the buttons. How to take screenshot on iphone 12 using this method? It is very easy to do. You only need to press the Side button, which is on the right side of the iPhone case and the Volume Up button on the left side at the same time. 

Hold and wait for the camera shutter sound effect. Once you hear that sound, it means the screenshot photo has successfully been taken. However, make sure that you don’t mute the sound. Otherwise, you won’t be able to hear the sound effect. But, you still can see the screen to find the screenshot thumbnail in the corner of the screen. That is also the sign that you have captured the screenshot. 

The thumbnail will disappear after several seconds. You also can swap the thumbnail to the left to make it disappear. After that, the iPhone 12 will send the screenshot photo file to the Photos library. So, if you want to see the result, you can browse it in that folder. That’s how to take screenshot on iphone 12 by using the simplest method, the Side and Volume Up button method.

How to Edit the Screenshot Right After Taking It

Another interesting feature you can use on iPhone 12 is that you can edit the screenshot right away after you take it with the button methods above. First of all, when you see the thumbnail, do not ignore it and let it disappear. Also, do not flick it to remove the thumbnail. Instead, tap the thumbnail to enter the editing mode screen. 

We believe that this part is also necessary for you. So, here, you are not only learning about how to take screenshot on iphone 12. But, you also know the method to change and edit the photo, so it will become the photo like what you want.

The editing mode here might be simpler than the built-in editing app or any photo editing app that you download on your iPhone 12. However, it has everything that you need to edit and give a personal touch to the newly-taken screenshot photo. 

In this editing mode, you can use the draw, rotate, crop, and insert a signature feature. It also has other features, like adjusting the color balance and such. Use any of those features to change the screenshot like what you want. 

Once you have finished the editing process, tap the “Done” button on the upper left of the editing mode screen. After that, you can choose to save the edited screenshot to the standard Photo library or other location. Isn’t that useful? Now, you know not only how to take screenshot on iphone 12. But, you also can edit the screenshot easier. 

By the way, you also can use the editing mode screen to delete the screenshot. If you are not satisfied with the result, tap the screenshot thumbnail to open the editing mode. Then, tap the garbage bin icon on the upper right corner of the editing mode screen. It will delete that screenshot file.

How to Take Screenshots Without Buttons

How to take screenshot on iphone 12 without using the button? This one is an important question for all iPhone 12 users. There are times when the button doesn’t work because it is broken or damaged. Or, you have a problem with your finger, so you can press the button correctly to take the screenshot. This method will solve those problems.

Below, we have two ways how to take screenshot on iphone 12 without using any button. It uses the basic features of the iPhone 12 without installing any application. Here is how you do it.

Back Tap Method

The first method is using the Back Tap feature. The steps are simple. Open Settings, and then go to the Accessibility menu. Tap the Touch option, and then choose Back Tap. Here, find the Double Tap option and check the Screenshot menu. Exit the Settings menu, and you can take the screenshot by double-tapping the back of the iPhone 12. 

AssistiveTouch Method

Next, you can use the AssistiveTouch feature. This method is available in all iPhone models. So, you also can find it on your iPhone 12. how to take screenshot on iphone 12 using the AssistiveTouch feature? It is similar to the Back Tap method.

Open Settings, go to the Accessibility option, choose the Touch option, and then tap AssistiveTouch to open it. On the new screen, choose Screenshot. Now, you can adjust the screenshot touch button on your screen. Another method is to open the AssistiveTouch menu, select Device, then More, and choose Screenshot to capture the screen image.


You also can use the application to take a screenshot. There are many of them available on the AppStore with various features. However, all methods we explained above are standard and easy-to-use methods you can use without installing any application. So, try them all and choose which method you like for taking your iPhone 12 screenshot. That’s everything that you need to know about how to take screenshot on iphone 12.

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